Claims Administration

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Our system manages the entire claims process for the broker,
underwriting manager or insurer.


Claims can be reported directly to the Contact Centre who will capture key information which will be forwarded to you by email, advising you of claims before the client contacts the broker. You can be proactive and advise your broker that one of their clients has experienced a mishap and the broker can call the client instead of the client calling the broker. This is a new level of customer service. Also. this limits your exposure for storage costs and ensures the vehicle can be repaired in as short a time as possible which could result in lower vehicle hire charges.

The relevant claim forms will be faxed/emailed directly to the client when they report the claim thus decreasing the administrative burden on you and improving service to the client. You are no longer limited to only operating during business hours. A covering letter (on your letterhead) accompanies the claim forms and advises your clients where to fax the forms to and what procedure to follow.

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